Research Academy Team and Dr. David Lee Keiser Receive Contemplative Pedagogy Grant

Drs. Cigdem Talgar, David Lee Keiser, and Writer Julie Dalley secure $5000.00 to fund new pilot faculty development program in contemplative pedagogy.

Dr. Cigdem Talgar, Acting Director, and Julie Dalley, Assistant Director, of the Research Academy for University Learning, in partnership with Dr. David Lee Keiser, Associate Professor, Secondary and Special Education, are pleased to announce a recent Contemplative Mind-1440 Teaching and Learning Center Grant award of $5000.00. The grant is funded by the Center for Contemplative Mind in Society to fund projects and programs at institutions of higher education to promote contemplative pedagogy practices in partnership with Teaching and Learning Centers.  The grant award will be used for the Contemplative Pedagogy and Practice (CPP) Faculty Fellows Program, a pilot program that selects six faculty members to participate as Fellows to integrate contemplative and mindful learning research and practices into their course design. The Fellows will be engaged through specialized workshops, guest speaker events, and leveraging emerging research in the field of contemplative and mindful pedagogy. The granting period runs through Spring 2013 and will lead to an entrenched year-long program that mirrors the Research Academy's Engaged Teaching Fellows Program, by offering year-long fellowships for faculty looking to integrate contemplative and mindful learning practices and research in their course design.

To learn more about contemplative pedagogy and this new program, please contact the Research Academy at teach-learn@montclair,edu or call 973-655-3276.