Jefferson Township Middle School White Team visits the NJSOC

JTMS makes the second of three two-day trips to MSU's School of Conservation.

Arielle Simonis

Students learn all about birds in the Ornithology Class

What better way to spend the few school days before the holiday vacation than an overnight trip to the New Jersey of Conservation? The seventh graders of Jefferson Township Middle School did just that, arriving early on a brisk morning for a trip packed with ecology, cultural studies, and outdoor pursuits.

The students participated in the Action Socialization Experience, Confidence Course, and the Climbing Wall¾ outdoor activities that challenge both physically and mentally and focus on building communication between peers. Other classes enjoyed by the Jefferson students were Pioneer Life, Conservation Photography, Black Bear Ecology, Stream-Geo Ecology, and Ornithology.

This was the first school group of the academic year to attend an ornithology class at the NJSOC.   The bird trail used in this class was designed and implemented by several JTMS science teachers a number of summers ago: Mr. Kevin Moore, Mr. Leigh Vanhouten and Ms. Nancy Harris.  The students learned about basic bird biology, birds common to Northern New Jersey, and how important birds are to a healthy environment.

Jefferson Townships Middle School has been visiting the NJSOC for approximately thirty years, and several chaperones of the trip reminisced about their own experiences at the school when they were young. The trips to the NJSOC prove memorable for both students and teachers thanks to the combination of educational, thought provoking, and exciting material offered at the school.