Late Fees for Spring 2014

Late Fees for Spring 2014 will be posted by January 24, 2014

As per the email sent on Friday January 17th please be advised that the $125 Late Payment Fee for the Spring 2014 semester will be applied by January 24, 2014.   

Check your account via WESS for any amount owed to the University.   If you are up to date with your Sallie Mae Payment Plan you should not receive a late fee.

All payment options can be reviewed with an explanation at

  1. Financial aid will be disbursed on January 30th based on your eligibility and completion of all financial aid requirements. If you have incomplete documents, we cannot disburse your aid until those items have been completed.
  2.   If you are an undergraduate student and registered less than full-time, the disbursement will be delayed based on revisions that need to be made to the account.  If you are a graduate student registered less than half time, you will not be eligible for federal loans and your funds will not disburse.
  3. If you have a credit balance (your financial aid exceeds your bill), you are entitled to put some of those excess funds on your Red Hawk Card to use in the Bookstore.  You can accomplish this at any time before the refund is processed by visiting the Red Hawk Card Office in Student Center, lower level.
  4.  For incoming freshmen students, you must provide a final transcript from your high school to the Admissions Office. Failure to do so will prevent your aid from disbursing to your account.  If you are a transfer student, you may be required to submit a high school transcript.  If so, you will be notified by Undergraduate Admissions.  Your financial aid cannot be disbursed until the transcript is received by Admissions.
  5. Refunds for aid and/or payments received that exceed the amount that you owe will be processed beginning February 3rd. 
  6. Montclair State University offers the use of DIRECT DEPOSIT for all refunds. Your money will be deposited directly into your checking or savings account. To participate in this service, you will need to complete a Direct Deposit form on your WESS via the Bank Account Information link.  
    1. If you have completed a form in the past please review the information to ensure it is still accurate.
    2. If you choose not to enroll in Direct Deposit, please confirm your address on file.  A paper check will be mailed to your attention.
  7. Computer terminals are provided in many locations around campus as well as the Office of Student Accounts in College Hall, room 218 and the Office of Financial Aid, College Hall room 208. 

Lastly, to prevent financial and academic liability, it is the student’s responsibility to check their official MSU e-mail and WESS account on a regular basis for registration, billing and financial aid information.  If your account remains unpaid, the University will assess late fees on January21st and there may be other sanctions up to and including removal from the residence hall and a cancelation of your registration for classes for the spring semester.  Students who have unpaid balances will not be permitted to register for future terms or to obtain official transcripts.  When accounts go unpaid for an extended period of time, the account may be referred to an external collection agency for collection which may result in negative credit bureau reporting.

For more information view the Schedule of Courses catalog on the Registrar’s office web page at check the Student Accounts Quick Link on  or use the link "Payment Options" under Account Summary on your WESS account.

Thank you,

Welcome to our new and returning students at MSU!

The Office of Student Accounts & Office of Financial Aid