Tutorial Services - Spring 2013

The Center for Academic Development and Assessment is pleased to announce that the Tutorial Services begin on January 31, 2013 and the spring 2013 Tutoring Schedule is now available to Montclair State University students. Montclair's students are encouraged to take advantage of the Tutorial Services throughout the semester.

The tutoring is offered by CADA peer, master and professional tutors who have demonstrated academic excellence and have been highly recommended by the faculty. The tutors receive ongoing tutor-training to help students understand and master the course materials while applying effective learning strategies and study skills needed to become successful learners.  

It is very important to come to the tutoring sessions prepared. In addition to bringing class materials and specific questions, we emphasize the importance of attending classes, reading textbooks and working on the assignments prior to attending each tutoring session.

We look forward to helping the students succeed at Montclair State University.

To view the Tutoring Schedule – Spring 2013, please follow the link: