CWE Spring 2013 Workshop Series

The Center for Writing Excellence will provide a series of workshops throughout spring semester.
The same workshop will be offered twice each week on Wednesdays (at 2:30pm) and Thursdays (time changes each week), with topics changing weekly. Workshops are 45 minutes long and do not require advance preparation. Please arrive a few minutes early, before the workshop’s start time. The workshops will take place in the CWE, located in Sprague Library, on the main floor, in the far right corner of the Reference area.

For more information:

      2/13  Wednesday  2:30pm       2/14  Thursday  11:30am

Working with Quotations
      2/20  Wednesday  2:30pm       2/21  Thursday  12:00pm

Writing About Poetry
  2/27  Wednesday  2:30pm        2/28  Thursday  3:00pm

Writing a Personal Statement
   3/6   Wednesday  2:30pm       3/7   Thursday  2:30pm

Writing and Research
3/20   Wednesday  2:30pm     3/21  Thursday  1:00pm

Overcoming Writer’s Block
 3/27   Wednesday  2:30pm      3/28  Thursday  5:30pm

Descriptive Writing: Show, Don’t Tell
  4/3    Wednesday  2:30pm       4/4  Thursday  2:00pm

Creative Writing
   4/10   Wednesday  2:30pm       4/11  Thursday  6:00pm

Bring any citation questions for MLA, APA, Chicago or AMA style! No appointment needed!
     4/17  Wednesday  2:30pm       4/18  Thursday  4:30pm