On the Economic Return of a Software Investment

Forum on International Issues
Co-sponsored by the School of Business and the Global Education Center

Wednesday March 5, 2013     2:30p.m.
Addie's Courtyard Lounge, University Hall

On the Economic Return of a Software Investment

Dr. Emil Numminen

Kristianstad University, Sweden

Dr. Numminen's received his Ph.D. in 2010 in Industrial Economics and Management from Blekinge Institute of Technology. He currently serves as assistant professor at the University of Kristianstad and Blekinge Institute of Technology. His research is primarily in applied corporate finance, and recent research projects have focused on risk management in the software industry and the video game industry using portfolio theory and option theory. The research has been presented at international conferences and journals. Dr. Numminen teaches corporate courses at the bachelor and masters level and supervises bachelor thesisĀ“ and master thesisĀ“ in finance. He is currently a visiting scholar, sponsored by the Global Education Center.

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