The Second Homeland: Jews in China

The Second Homeland: Jews in China

Forum on International Issues
Co-sponsored by the Global Education Center and Jewish American Studies

Thursday April 11, 2013 7:30pm
Adelina Granito Ferraro Courtyard Lounge, University Hall



The Second Homeland: Jews in China

Perspectives from a Chinese Scholar and a Former Resident

Pan Guang
Walter and Seena Fair
Professor of Jewish Studies
Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences.

Marina Cunningham
Executive Director,
Global Education Center,
Montclair State University

  Jews came to China because of rising anti-Semitism in Russia and Eastern Europe from the 1880s onward. This wave led to the migration of Jews to North America, and tens of thousands also crossed Siberia, northeast China, Inner Mongolia and further to southern parts of China. Eventually they became an active community force and greatly contributed to China’s economic and cultural development. Long-resident Jews looked upon China as their second motherland, and the last group did not leave until the beginning of China’s Cultural Revolution.

Dr. Pan Guang is the Director of the Shanghai Center for International Studies and the Institute of European & Asian Studies at the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, Director of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Studies Center in Shanghai, Dean of Center of Jewish Studies Shanghai (CJSS) and Vice Chairman of Chinese Society of Middle East Studies.

He is the author of “The Jews in China”, “The Jews in Shanghai”, “The Jews in Asia: Comparative Perspective”, “The Jewish Civilization”, and a recipient of numerous awards.

Dr. Marina Cunningham, Executive Director of the Global Education Center at Montclair State University, grew up in Shanghai as part of the Russian Jewish community and was among the last group of Jews to leave China.

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