"I Never Saw Another Butterfly" Music Out of the Holocaust Lecture

Lecture Series
In Commemoration of the 70th Year Anniversary of the
Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

Co-sponsored by
The Global Education Center,
Sprauge Library, Jewish American Studies,
Segal Gallery, College of the Arts
College of Humanities and Social Sciences


Friday April 26                                  Life Hall Room 123                         4:00–6:0pm

"I Never Saw Another Butterfly":

Music Out of the Holocaust

David Witten with Boris Kucharsky, violin
Cali School of Music

In a ruse to fool the International Red Cross, the Nazis allowed inmates of the Theresienstadt Concentration Camp to be creative and to produce music, paintings, and poems. In recent years, researchers and musicians around the world have been discovering many musical scores that survived the Holocaust, even when the composers did not survive. Hundreds of works have been found, and there are groups, scholars, and ensembles dedicated to present- ing this music.

This lecture, with musical examples, will present some of the work written by composers who perished in the Concentration Camps, and also some written in more recent years by composers who set the children’s poetry to music.


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