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presented by the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Center and the Office of Health Promotion

ITINERARY for April 30

Check-in, Student Center 411

9am-10am: Workshop 1
Understanding the T in LGBT: The Significance of Allies in the Transgender Community
Facilitators: Dr. Sudha Wadhwani & Brian Amorello, CAPS
This workshop will focus on allies of those who consider themselves to be transgender. Definitions of pronouns will be provided to give allies a strong understanding of this significant community. A discussion will be held outlining the importance of support in the transgender culture. The purpose of this workshop is to increase the awareness of the struggles this population faces as well as encourage others to form alliances. Personal experiences are welcome to help facilitate this important topic.

10:15am-11:15am: Workshop 2
Reflections of Privilege and Power
Facilitators: Brian Edwards, LGBT Center and Dr. Marie Cascarano, Health Promotion
This interactive workshop, aimed to increase the understanding of privilege amongst the participants, will discuss the complexities of privilege and identify ways to use privilege to promote social change. Self-reflection opportunities and engaging learning activities will provide workshop participants with a better understanding of privilege and power, assisting them in becoming more effective administrators, faculty members, students, and human beings. Various forms of privilege and identity intersections will be explored in this workshop.

11:30am-12:30pm: Workshop 3
Bisexuality: An in-depth look at the B in LGBTQ
Facilitator: Dr. Eva S. Goldfarb, Professor in the Department of Health and Nutrition Sciences
This workshop will examine the stereotypes and biases individuals who identify as bisexual face in our society. Discussion will follow.

12:45pm-1:45pm: Workshop 4
Identity Star - Self Exploration, Empathy, and Acceptance
Facilitators: Brian Edwards and Anna C. Verdes- Montenegro, LGBT Center
This interactive, social workshop allows participants to explore their own experiences and support systems through arts and crafts. An in-depth discussion exploring empathy and acceptance will follow the activity and provide attendees with a better understanding of LGBTQ issues and experiences.

2:00pm-2:45pm Workshop 5
LGBTQ BINGO - Terminology at Play
Facilitators: LGBT Center Student Volunteers
Are you a fan of the classic game BINGO? Interested in learning more about LGBTQ terminology or testing your current knowledge? Then this workshop is for you! Come play LGBTQ BINGO. Not only will you have the opportunity to win some prizes, you will walk away with a whole new queer vocabulary!

Light breakfast and lunch will be provided. 

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