Fairfield Middle School Makes the Annual Journey to NJSOC

Over the years Fairfield Middle School has had many educational experiences at Montclair State University's environmental field center

George Johnson

Students enjoy a spin around Lake Wapalanne

Even though it was the end of March, the 8th grade trip for Fairfield Middle School was a chilly adventure for the students.  Although the temperature during their stay never got out of the low 40’s, the cold did not prevent the students from having a great learning experience.  In water ecology, students managed to catch countless numbers of red-spotted newts, stoneflies, mayflies, and many other species of benthic macro-invertebrates.  During their Boating class, students were raving about catching glimpses of turtles, freshly arisen from their long winter sleep. 

After a long day at educational experiences provided by the School of Conservation staff, the students were treated to some night time activities and programs.  On their first night, the students were amazed to see all sorts of reptiles and really interesting creatures from the program Snakes & Scales.  On the following evening the Fairfield school staff scheduled a dance for the students, allowing them to dance their hearts out.

On their last day of activities, the students were both tired and a little sad to leave.  Although it was a bit brisk, this year’s trip to the New Jersey School of Conservation was a great success with students and teachers enjoying all the outdoor educational activities!