The Brearley School Makes Annual Pilgrimage to NJSOC

Each year the girls from Brearley make their way to Stokes State Forest for another educational experience at Montclair State University's School of Conservation

George Johnson

Students listen carefully to the instructions at ASE's

Spirits were high when a group of 6th grade students from The Brearley School in New York City first arrived at the New Jerset School of Conservation on April 8th, 2013.  Skipping and singing, the girls of Brearley headed off to their first set of activity, the ASEs (Action Socialization Experiences).  During ASEs, the individuals within each study group quickly bonded together and accomplished the task at hand.  Using teamwork as they worked through each challenge, the groups were successful in completing the group initiatives.

 After ASEs, the girls quickly skipped and sang their way to the different lessons taught by our SOC staff, including metalsmithing, pioneer life, archery, confidence course, the climbing wall, and conservation photography.  Judging from their enthusiasm and interest in the subject matter, all of the students thoroughly enjoyed each of the lessons.  Finally, on the last morning of their stay, there was a large group activity planned for the students, called The Web of Life. During this activity, the girls learned about the food chain while they played a simulation game involving herbivores, omnivores and carnivores.

By the end of the last activity on Wednesday, the students were exhausted and ready to head home.  It had been a long couple of days filled with much excitement and fun, wrapped around a unique outdoor learning experience.  Everyone at the School of Conservation greatly enjoyed the Brearley visit and look forward to next year’s trip.