Mother/Daughter Graduates

Jennifer Ocampo and Adriana Arroyave graduated together in May 2013, a story worth hearing in their own words:

Jennifer Ocampo ’13, Sociology Major, Certificate Program, Child Advocacy and Policy, 3.626 Cum Laude and Honors Program

From the moment I stepped foot on Montclair State University, I knew my world was going to change immensely. From taking classes that sparked my interest, to meeting people in the quad during my breaks, and being part of some amazing organizations on campus, I couldn’t have asked for a more fulfilling and eye opening college experience. These last four years have taught me more about myself and about the world, than I ever thought possible. What I didn’t imagine, however, was that on the day of my college convocation and commencement, I would be walking alongside my beautiful mother. Proud as ever, I can’t begin to explain how absolutely honored I was to share that stage with the woman who has done an amazing job at caring, loving and looking after me these last 22 years of my life. If there is anything I can take from college is that it’s a time in your life to grow, explore, but most importantly to make your dreams realities. My mother is living proof that anything is possible and that it’s certainly never too late to do what makes you happy. Today, I want to congratulate myself and my fellow graduates on all that we have accomplished, but also every person who has gone back in search of what really matters to them. Congratulations class of 2013!

Adriana Arroyave ’13, Spanish major, Magna Cum Laude, 3.758

I decided to go back to school after my daughter’s first semester at Montclair State University.  I realized that my job was almost complete, to a certain extent, and that I needed to start thinking about my future life once she was gone.  Working in a private school gave me a clear sense of what I wanted to be, a Spanish teacher. The experience at MSU has been a life change for me in many ways.  I discovered my passion for literature, which has given me a voice to express my realities, and to understand what is real. I had excellent professors who challenged me to do my best.  Also, I enjoyed the opportunity to meet interesting people from a variety of countries, friends from whom I learned the value of culture, and importance of having fun together. Thank you Montclair State for giving my daughter and me the opportunity to better our lives!