Jennifer Strasle '11

Jennifer Strasle ’11 has built her career step by step since her time as a student at Montclair State University. She interned with Greater Media NJ, a radio company, then landed a job there as a Promotions Assistant upon graduation. She’s now a Sales Assistant with the company and does everything from running reports to providing on-road support when the sales team is out working “on the road.” “No two days are alike at my job, which is what makes the job environment so creative and different,” she said. “There is a lot of multitasking on a daily basis!”   

“I was a Communications Studies major with a concentration in Organizational Communications.  I always knew I wanted to work in the media, so I focused on classes that taught me what I needed in order to excel in a media related field. “    

Strasle transferred to Montclair State from the County College of Morris. Transferring was easy because Montclair State took all her credits. Once she was part of the Communication Studies department at Montclair State, Strasle made great friends and found it to be a close, friendly environment. She saw the same people frequently in and out of class, providing a network of support and collaboration. She was part of the Public Relations Student Society of America, PRSSA, and Lambda Pi Eta, the National Communications Association’s honor society.
The professors in Strasle’s program played a huge role in her success. “Professor George Elian’s Public Speaking class was outstanding, because it truly helped me perfect my speaking skills, which is vital in the radio business. Interpersonal skills are also essential to cultivate to work in this business,” she said. “We are always working with clients and knowing how to interact and speak professionally when planning events is so very important.”
Now, she’s enjoying a successful career with Greater Media NJ, where she uses the skills she developed with the Communications Studies program on a daily basis. She works directly with radio stations WDHA 105.5 FM and WMTR 1250 AM. “We are in the office working on games or generating ideas for games, calling winners for contests, writing public service announcements or doing filming. We often have various artists stop by the WDHA studios to talk on-air and we also film segments for our websites. ”

“We all work together as a team,” she said of her coworkers, recalling the cooperative environment at Montclair State. “This kind of environment makes one love coming to work every day because we love our jobs and there is a great deal of respect among coworkers.”
“Get up there and network,” she advises current Communications Studies students. Networking is vital to career success. It’s the cement that keeps career foundations together, promoting cooperative work and the development of new ideas. Jennifer Strasle credits networking and interning with the position she’s in today. “Interning essentially changed my life after college.”