MSU File Hawk Now Available to Faculty/Staff

A new secure "peer to peer" (NetID to NetID) file transfer service for Faculty & Staff is now available.

Information Technology is pleased to announce the new campus file transfer service called MSU File Hawk. This web based service is intended to provide a secure and convenient method for exchanging files between MSU employees (faculty and staff).  It allows you to send one or more files (up to 10 files at once) to any number of valid faculty and/or staff recipients. The service utilizes SSL (https) to secure the file transfer. Therefore it can even be used to transfer files that contain sensitive data such as confidential University documents or files that contain Personally Identifiable Information (PII) like student record reports, etc.

Note this service is not accessible by students including students employed by the University. As one of the intended purposes of this service is to facilitate the exchange of possibly sensitive University data between authorized employees, excluding students helps us to ensure the security of this type of data.

The basic work flow for using this service to send files to others is as follows:

  1. Browse to the MSU File Hawk page at and login using your faculty or staff NetID.
  2. Select one or more files from your local computer or connected file share that you want to send.
  3. Enter the NetID(s) of your intended recipients.
  4. Click send.

A confirmation will be e-mailed to you as the sender and a notification will be e-mailed to each of your recipients. This notification contains a custom web link that your recipients can use to login to MSU File Hawk and proceed to download the files. Additional instructions appear within the MSU File Hawk interface for your convenience.

IMPORTANT NOTES: Uploaded file(s) will reside on the server for retrieval by your recipient(s) for ten (10) days, after which the link will expire and the files are removed. MSU File Hawk is a file transfer service and not for file storage. Therefore, you should retain copies of any files you transfer via this service. Expired files cannot be recovered from the MSU File Hawk server. If you are looking for centralized file storage, IT recommends you use the campus file sharing service (MSUFILES). More information is available on the IT web site.

We hope you find this service useful. For any additional questions or to provide feedback regarding MSU File Hawk, please email to