Gifted & Talented Fall 2013 Registration is Open!

Registration and applications now being accepted. Classes begin 10/5.

Fall 2013 Gifted & Talented Registration is Open!

As a new academic year approaches, so does another exciting fall in the Gifted & Talented program. We are pleased to announce that over 100 classes for the fall 2013 Gifted & Talented program are now posted! Registration is open and applications for the Fall 2013 Gifted & Talented program can now be submitted. The fall 2013 weekend program for students in grades K-8 & 9-13, starts Saturday/Sunday, October 5/6, and ends Saturday/Sunday, December 7/8 2013. The application deadline for the fall program is Friday, September 20, 2013.

The program is open to gifted and talented students in K-8, and Honors/AP students in grades 9-12. We have redesigned the 9th-12th grade program specifically for Honors & AP Students and now offer a variety of Workshops and Intensive courses. Students can enroll in up to 6 intensives or a multiple combinations of intensives and workshops.

Based on your feedback we've added over 40 new classes and brought back some old course favorites with new names -- especially for our particularly precocious young wizards. Students may enroll from one to five courses depending on their interests and the course schedule. Our, K to 8 fall program, offers gifted and talented students a weekend program over 9 weekends, with three class periods offered on Saturdays and two class periods offered on Sundays.

While all courses are not available on both days, K-8 courses are scheduled across
three periods as follows on Saturdays:
* Period 1: 8:45am - 9:55am
* Period 2: 10:05am - 11:15am
* Period 3: 11:25am - 12:35pm

K-8 Courses are scheduled across two periods as follows on Sundays:
*Period 1: 10:05am - 11: 15am
*Period 2: 11:25am - 12:35pm

In addition to our on-campus offerings, this fall we are pleased to offer several fully online courses for students in grades 4-5 as well as grades 6-8.

Visit our website for student eligibility requirements, an application, and course offerings to see the variety of challenging and interesting courses available this fall.

The application deadline for the fall program is Friday, September 20, 2013.

As always, if you have any questions regarding our program, please email us at or you may call us at 973-655-4104.

We look forward to welcoming you in the fall.