Tips For Navigating High-Volume Traffic


Due to high-volume traffic at the beginning of the semester, we ask that you please allow ample time before classes and the start of the work day to access the campus and park. Please follow all traffic suggestions from University Police and Parking Services attendants for your safety.

Tips for navigating high-volume traffic during the start of the semester:

1.       Become familiar with the University’s Parking Map before coming to campus, as we have instituted some changes to our surface lots.

    1. Lot 31 will be removed for the future home of the School of Business.
    2. Lots 23 South and 30 South have been designated for Faculty/Staff parking.
    3. Lot 28 South has been restriped, eliminating bus parking and increasing the number of spaces. It is available for General (yellow) and Resident (Green) Parking.
    4. Lot 17 has been restriped and increased by over 20 spaces!
    5. Lot 61 West has been included to allow access for Faculty/Staff parking. It is also a General (yellow) lot after 5:00pm.
    6. 140 spaces have been added to Lot 60!
  1. Follow all traffic signs and suggestions as directed by University Police and Parking Services.
  2. Download the Parker App for up-to-date information on space availability and visit the NextBus website for real-time tracking of shuttles on campus.
  3. Consider leaving your car at home and try utilizing public transit.
  4. Try carpooling. Use MSU’s Carpool Directory to connect with other members of the community who can share rides to and from campus.
  5. Be attentive as you may be directed to other designated parking areas by University Police and Parking Services.

Please remember that the University is a shared space and it is important that we are courteous to one another as drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists.

Follow all safety regulations and have a safe and wonderful commute!

Parking Services