Study Abroad Student's Essay on Typography in Nice, France

“Art in France is not just in museums,” writes Meghan Dougherty, one the participants of the Montclair in Nice 2013 study abroad program.

As a graphic design student with an eye for the little things that make a difference and a love for typography, Dougherty researched the rich history, significance and artistic impact of hand-painted typography on storefront signage she personally observed in Nice. Dougherty draws comparisons with New York City storefront signage styles and discussing the cultural differences and the transformations and declining representation in both cities. This suggests how “the growth of commercialism has diminished the idea of typography as a craft,” says Dougherty. She examined the two dominant styles of typography in storefront signage in France, which derived from two of the most prominent art movements in Europe; and the future of storefront signage in Nice, as it moves away from hand-painted typography as an advertising craft and toward digital typefaces, as is most prevalent in New York City.

“Despite tourism’s influence,” says Dougherty, “you can clearly see amazing remainders of a great history of art in signage”. Her informative, illustrated article can be seen here