Move-in Day: Montclair State’s Largest Incoming Class Arrives

Record-setting numbers of first-year students enliven Move-in Day

Photo: John Munson

First-year students move into their residence halls during Montclair State University's Move-in Day 2013.

The Montclair State University campus was abuzz with activity on Sunday, September 1, as more than 2,200 new first-year and transfer students and their families carted boxes, bags and luggage from vehicles to residence halls for Move-in Day 2013.

“This year the University welcomes its largest incoming class in history,” says Vice President for Student Development and Campus Life Karen L. Pennington. “More than 3,000 first year and 1,500 transfer students will join the University community when classes begin on Wednesday, September 4.”

The students and their families were assisted in their move-in efforts by volunteers and staff from the Office of Residential Education and Services who helped make the day go smoothly. “By all accounts, it was a great start to the new academic year,” says Executive Director of Residential Education John Delate. “There was a positive energy permeating the campus, and the energy persisted into the night as the residents became better acquainted at various University events.”

The 2,400 new residents were joined the next day by returning students boosting the energy level on campus even more. “The residence halls are filled to capacity and more than 5,000 students will participate in the on-campus residential experience.” notes Pennington. “When the enrollment period is concluded, we expect that the University will hit another milestone with total enrollment of more than 19,000.”

To the Class of 2017, the largest in Montclair State’s history: Welcome to the Montclair State University community!