Montclair State University | Online now accepting applications for Spring 2014

In an effort to meet the demands of the accelerating workplace and the needs of students, the University offers the M.A. degree program in Educational Leadership and the M.A. degree program in Child Advocacy and Policy entirely online. These accredited programs provide learners with the flexibility and convenience of online learning coupled with the quality and reputation of Montclair State University.

Online learning allows students to meet course demands on their time —students participate in class without the physical constraints of being “in class” – allowing students to complete assignments, and class interactions day or night, as their life dictates.

In choosing to offer the M.A. in Child Advocacy and the M.A. in Educational Leadership online, the University is putting its best foot forward. These programs represent areas for which Montclair State has a solid reputation of excellence, and in which it is a state and national leader.

The Child Advocacy program offers students an applied course of study in child advocacy. As a multidisciplinary field of study, the M.A. in Child Advocacy offers students the requisite knowledge of psychology, social work, and law to function as a child advocate working with children in a myriad of settings.

The M.A. in Educational Leadership program provides students with the conceptual tools and professional preparation necessary to become accomplished school leaders. Montclair State is recognized for teacher education and teacher preparation. The fully online master’s degree program in Educational Leadership provides another vehicle for teachers to advance their career and expand their skill set. The program is being offered as “degree only” or with a New Jersey certification option, allowing students who qualify to secure their Supervisor and Principal certifications.

Given the balancing act that adult students face, considerable thought has gone into the delivery and structure of our online programs to ensure that students are able to succeed at a manageable pace. Students take one course at a time over two, 7 1/2 week sessions per semester. This provides students with a platform to achieve their graduate degree, while balancing work and other responsibilities.

The programs are open to students from New Jersey, New York, Texas, Idaho, Georgia, Utah, and North Dakota.

Visit to apply for Spring 2014. The application deadline is December 15, 2013.