Lincoln School Visits NJSOC

Each September the 7th graders from Garwood New Jersey makes the annual pilgrimage to the wilds of Stokes State Forest to learn about the natural environment.

George Johnson

AmeriCorps member Emily Bonder speaks with students during their hike.

Fall is right around the corner as many students from the 7th grade class of Lincoln School surely noticed during their stay at the New Jersey School of Conservation (NJSOC).  The changing color of the leaves made for beautiful views around the lake, and the brisk morning temperatures kept the insects at bay.  The teachers, parents and students were lucky with the weather this year as each day had clear skies and moderate temperatures, making it perfect for being outside! 

Lincoln School has been coming up to the NJSOC for over 30 years, and like all their previous trips the first activity after arrival is always ASE's (Action Socialization Experiences).   ASE's are team building challenges that encourage the use of communication, cooperation, and team work.  The students excelled at all of these challenges and astonished everyone with their willingness to work together and strive toward a common goal.  The next morning was the real test as our staff led two groups up to the summit of Sunrise Mountain.  This is no easy trek - it's a long 3 mile trail, climbing to an elevation of 1653 feet (the second highest peak in New Jersey).  Along the way, the groups bonded together and supported each other with words of encouragement to those that needed it.  When the summit was finally reached, cheers of joy were shouted and hugs given as they all gazed upon the majestic view out across NJ, NY, and PA.

Lincoln School has always been a wonderful group for us to host, and this year was no exception!  We would like to extend our thanks to the coordinator Matt Burke, the school staff, and parents for organizing the annual trip.  All the teachers and parents were extremely helpful and supportive during their stay - we look forward to their visit next year!