Although you cannot be added to the MAY 2014 graduation list at this time, if you are able to complete all of your program requirements by the MAY conferment date, you will be able to graduate in MAY 2014.  In order to set this process in motion, you must file immediately for a graduation date of AUGUST 2014 by completing an Application for Graduation - Final Audit and returning it to the Office of the Registrar.  On the top of the application card/form, write the following:  PLEASE MOVE TO MAY 2014.

After MARCH 3, 2014 the audits for AUGUST 2014 candidates will begin to be processed.  Should the result of your Final Audit indicate that your program requirements will be completed in time for the MAY 2014 conferment date, you will be notified and moved to the MAY 2014 graduation list. Should the result of this Final Audit indicate that you will not meet your program requirements, you will be notified that you will remain on the AUGUST 2014 graduation list.

Certification/certificate only candidates should follow the above instructions as well.

Please note that all documents that are needed to fulfill graduation requirements must be on file in the Office of the Registrar before you can be moved to the MAY 2014 graduation list, (i.e., transcripts from other institutions, grade changes, and other credentials.)

NOTE: The procedures outlined above are for use between OCTOBER 2, 2013 and MARCH 3, 2014