SCM's Nussbaum Premieres Work in Brooklyn, Hamburg, Amsterdam

The School of Communication and Media's Karl Nussbaum recently presented films and video performance pieces around the world.


"'Hilbert Space' is a mind-bending visual and aural experience. A man in black whips us into a fourth dimension where history and infinity, science and human aspiration resonate and coalesce. Mathematicians always talk about the poetry of their subject but this is the first time I ever felt it. A living work."

– Molly Haskell - Film Critic/ The Village Voice, New York magazine and Vogue

Haskell is not alone in her assessment. Montclair State University film professor, Karl Nussbaum recently presented his video performance piece Hilbert Space at the Hamburg International Kurz Film Festival to great acclaim.

Other works by Nussbaum are also drawing crowds and accolades:

Nussbaum's film Sleep premiered at the Greenpoint Film Festival in Brooklyn in September — an event attended by several MSU Film alumni.

His newest video installation Night Blooming Flower (11 min, 2013) will premeire at the Witteveen Visual Art Centre in Amsterdam on Oct. 12. This mesmerizing film is formatted as a perfect circle and projected onto a Vietnam era parachute hung in the darkened gallery.

Recently, Nussbaum just finished the Film Festival trailer for November's 'Ex-Ground 26th Film Festival' in Wiesbaden, Germany.