Kent Place School Has Environmental Experience

October always brings chilly temperatures, brightly colored leaves, and a trip to the NJSOC for the girls of Kent Place School!

Emily Bonder

Students learn about the history of DeGroat Degroat Cabin from NJSOC AmeriCorps member, Danny Cramer

The first week of October found the Kent Place School visiting Montclair State University’s field station, the New Jersey School of Conservation (NJSOC).  Each year, the school brings their fifth graders to the NJSOC for an outdoor adventure and educational experience.  Kent Place, is a K-12 all girls school, with truly amazing students and staff.

The girls arrived on a Wednesday, bringing beautiful weather with them.  The coordinator of the program, Ms. Rebecca Van Ry, chose a wide variety of classes for her students so that they could learn about all the interesting topics related to environmental studies.  They started off with a group scavenger hunt to get to know the campus better, before advancing to the ASE’s (Action Socialization Experiences) where they had to work together in groups to solve thought-provoking tasks.  The activity expanded their team-building skills as they were able to collaborate to solve the problems.

Throughout the rest of their stay they participated in many more environmental classes in the sciences, humanities, social sciences and outdoor pursuits.  In Water Ecology, the girls learned how to assess the quality of water in the stream that runs through the campus, by identifying the kinds of insects living there.  They also had sessions in Plant Life, Conservation Photography and Woodworking where they identified plants, took beautiful pictures of the natural landscape, and learned about the history of natural resources used in America.

As always, the Kent Place girls were a pleasure to work with.  They encouraged each other to try new things, and had a great interest in learning about anything and everything.  We thank Ms. Van Ry for organizing the trip and all the adults that helped out during their stay.