2013 Global Chef Program Brings the Unique and Delish Flavors of Brazil to Montclair State University

At Sam's Place on October 17 & 18.

Montclair State Dining Services welcomes Sodexo Brazilian chef Maira Eduardo to Montclair State University as part of the 2013 Global Chef Program. The Global Chef Program is a month-long international chef residency that provides opportunities for Sodexo’s top chefs worldwide to travel to different countries and share authentic cuisine with local teams, students, faculty and staff.

Chef Eduardo will prepare classic dishes from Brazil and other South American countries and provide active demonstrations of meal preparation that involve the students, so that there will be ample opportunity to interact with her and experience firsthand the cultural and educational benefits of her visit to campus.

About the Chef

Chef Maira graduated with a Psychology degree in Brazil and went on vacation in California. There, she met her husband and decided to stay, despite speaking very little English. Chef Maira then decided to follow her dream of making a career in cooking.

Throughout the following seven years, she worked in many restaurants and graduated from culinary school. Sodexo opened the door for Chef Maira to achieve her goal and today she is doing what she loves most in one job that makes it all possible; taking care of thousands of peoples’ meals and teaching cooks within Sodexo how to make their food better every day.

Back in Brazil, Chef Maira started to study and understand more about sustainability and it became a personal goal; to teach other chefs and cooks how to take care of our natural resources and treat the ingredients with love, to not waste anything from it. This is her contribution to our planet.

The Menu


Salada De Folhas Verdes com Frutas Grelhadas e Molho de Maracujá
(Green Leaves Salad with Grilled Fruits and Passion Fruit Dressing)

Salpicão de Frango
(Creamy Chicken Salad)

Cuscuz Paulista
(Brazilian Couscous)

Salada De Maionese De Legumes
(Vegetables Mayonnaise Salad)

Creme de Abóbora com Gorgonzola
(Pumpkin Creamy Soup with Blue Cheese)

(Chicken and Vegetables Soup)

Main Dish

Feijoada servida com Arroz, couve, laranja e farinha
(Black Beans and Pork Stew Served With Rice, Collard Greens, Orange and Cassava Flour)

Strogonoff de Frango
Chicken Strogonoff

(Rice with chicken and corn on a cob)

Escondidinho de bacalhau
(Mashed potato and  codfish bake, served with white rice)

Baião De Dois
(Mix of Rice, Beans, Cheese and Dry Meat)

Moqueca de peixe e banana-da- terra
(Sea Bass Brazilian Moqueca with Plantain Banana)

Bobó De Camarão ou Frango
(Shrimp or Chicken Stew with Cassava and Coconut Milk served with Rice)

Picanha Assada Com Farofa Picante
(Top Sirloin in Sea Salt with Spiced Manioc Flour)

Cachorro Quente
(Brazilian Style Hot Dog)


Mousse de Maracujá
(Passion Fruit Mousse)

Pizza De Brigadeiro Com Morango
(Pizza with Brigadeiro and Strawberries)

Pizza de Doce de leite com banana
(Pizza with Dulce de leche & banana)

Curau de Milho Verde
(Sweet Corn Crème Brulée)

Pudim de Leite
(Creme Caramel)

Brigadeiro de colher com casca de banana
(Chocolate brigadeiro with banana´s peel)