New Partnership Promotes Arts in Health Care, Education

Photo: Mike Peters

Montclair State University and Atlantic Health System have entered into a partnership to promote healing arts in health care and education through research.

Through the partnership, health care and academic professionals will collaborate to examine the ways the arts can contribute to medicine and vice versa – for instance, the way art therapy can be used to help patients being treated for Alzheimer’s disease, or the way sports medicine might assist dancers and performers.

The partnership will also enhance academic programs and provide a new outlet to bring together students studying health care or arts to explore both subjects. This includes professional development through internships and externships to provide a forum for training, research, performance and exhibitions, as well as medical humanities education to further observational skills and embrace humanistic medicine.

“The partnership between Atlantic Health System and Montclair State University has rich potential to illuminate new pathways to well-being,” said President Susan A. Cole. “The goal of this new partnership is quite simply to lead in the field of arts and health care and to enable future leaders to use the knowledge gained through this partnership to advance prevention, wellness, and healing.”

Atlantic Health System is comprised of Morristown, Overlook and Newton medical centers and Goryeb Children’s Hospital.