Harrington Park School Gets Close to Nature

The annual trip to Montclair State University's field station familiarizes students with the Natural World

George Johnson

Students practice using colonial woodworking tools.

Rain and cold weather was the forecast for the three days that Harrington Park School was scheduled for their visit to the New Jersey School of Conservation.  Everyone was prepared for the worst, when suddenly, nothing happened at all.  The storm that was supposed to come never did, and everyone from Harrington Park breathed a sigh of relief.  However, the weather was not all wine and roses with regular bouts of wind and light rain, but the students were surprisingly energetic through it all and ultimately enjoyed their time together in the forest. 

The students were involved in a diverse set of classes that included a wide range of activities.  They learned what life was like for a colonial woodworker, as they worked with some of the tools from that era.  They also learned that our forests are the lungs of the planet during the forest ecology session and how to work together during group initiatives.  Everyone enjoyed their time in the rowboats and canoes, even though the wind made it challenging to navigate.  Other activities that students were excited about included water ecology, confidence course and survival skills.  The Harrington Park teachers were fantastic, helping with every facet of the program from classes to evening activities, and everything in between.

The NJSOC educators had a great time working with the students and teachers from Harrington Park during their stay.  We hope to see the Harrington Park School again next year!