Solomon Schechter Day School has Environmental Experience

New Jersey School of Conservation hosts school from Bergen County.

Emily Bonder

Students listen to instructions during New Games from AmeriCorps members George Johnson and Danny Cramer

The Solomon Schechter Day School traveled from Bergen County to the New Jersey School of Conservation on Columbus Day for a two-day environmental education experience.  The sixth graders had beautiful weather and participated in a diverse set of educational sessions.  On both days of the trip, the students attended Fish Ecology class, where they learned about the ecological importance of fish and helped to study some of the native fish population.  During the session, they harvested fish from our lake using the traditional rod and reel technique. 

Water Ecology class found the students exploring the stream that runs through the campus in search of aquatic macro-invertebrates.  Stoneflies, mayflies, and dragonfly larvae were among the critters they found in the headwaters of the Big Flat Brook.   

Some students had the opportunity to climb the NJSOC climbing wall, while others chose to shoot arrows on the archery range. With all these great activities everyone had a great time exploring and enjoying the great outdoors. 

A trip to the NJSOC would not be complete without a little time spent on Lake Wapalanne.  On Monday afternoon, everyone climbed into rowboats and canoes to explore the wilds of the lake.  Many of the students returned with tales of turtles and tadpoles.  For some, it was the first time they had been in canoes and rowboats.

Special thanks go out to Danny Jaye, who did a great job organizing the trip, and to all the chaperones for helping to make the trip a memorable one.