Spring 2014 Registration begins on November 11, 2013

The date and time, on which, you may begin to register, is available through WESS. Note that these are NOT appointments but rather a point in time when you will be able to access WESS to register. You may register at any time after this date and time. 

To access your registration status, log onto WESS and then select ENTER STUDENT SERVICES.  Once logged in with your Campus Wide ID (CWID) and your Personal ID Number (PIN), select Registration Status (below the heading "Registration"), then select 2014 SPRING.  The Registration Status screen will indicate whether or not there are any holds that will prevent registration.  By going to the Holds Screen, you will be able to identify the reason for the hold, the Entry Office that placed the hold, and the contact phone number for that office. All registration holds must be cleared before you will be able to register.
Students who attempt to register before their date and time will receive a message on WESS indicating that web registration is not available.

Please Note:
You should obtain advising before registering.

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