Information Session: PhD in Family Studies

The PhD in Family Studies program at Montclair State University offers a unique interdisciplinary and critical lens for analyzing the challenges to, and promoting the well-being of, all types of families across the life span, across cultures and throughout the world. Our doctoral students learn to become effective change advocates for improved family life through research, scholarship, program development and evaluation research.

Our faculty has a distinguished research record in the areas of parenting, siblings, relational aggression, adolescent development, intimate partner violence, immigrant families, transition to young adulthood, aging family relationships, substance abuse, depression and suicide, LGBT-headed households, family stress, African American families, first-generation college students, and program development and evaluation.

Graduates of the program will have a wide range of professional opportunities, including careers as:•

  • Academic faculty members
  • Program administrators
  • Researchers and evaluators
  • Policymakers focused on children, youth, adults, older adults and families

The program is hosting an Information Session on Thursday, November 21 at 7:30pm in University Hall, Ferraro Lounge.  To register to attend, please send an email to