MSU Opens Cafe Diem Library Cafe

Montclair State University Opens "Cafe Diem" Library Cafe;
Reflects New Vision of College Libraries in the Internet Age as "Learning Cafes"

Montclair State University, celebrated the opening of "Café Diem," a new library cafe that reflects a new vision of university libraries in the Internet age.

The sleek and modern 4,300 square-foot facility at Sprague Library offers food, beverages and wireless access to the Internet for students and staff. It also offers an example of how university libraries are changing. No longer just repositories of printed materials for solitary scholars, university libraries today are increasingly "learning cafés" where students work collaboratively within a sociable, interactive environment.

"The age-old academic mission of the library is alive and well at Montclair State University," said Judith Lin Hunt, dean of the Sprague Library. "At the same time, our library has evolved into a more diverse and exciting place where learning can take place in a number of ways -- even over cappuccino."

Advanced technology is a key element of this new learning environment and Café Diem -- a play on the University's Latin motto Carpe Diem -- incorporates the kind of leading-edge, wireless technology that lets students move seamlessly from research to more collaborative work.

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Counter at Cafe Diem offering select food and drink.

(From left) Montclair State's Dean of Sprague Library, Judith Lin Hunt, President Susan A. Cole, and SGA President Angelo Lilla taking turns sampling the coffee.

Wireless connectivity combines Web surfing with a hot cup of coffee or tea.

Students can gather in the comfortable surroundings at the Cafe Diem, with easy direct access to the main library just steps away.