Weather Advisory: Potential for Icy Conditions

The highly unusual weather pattern we are experiencing will cause a significant drop in temperature at some point this afternoon or early this evening, which will likely result in the refreezing of wet surfaces. Because of the potential for icy conditions, all members of the University community are urged to use caution when walking and driving on campus.
Facilities employees will work during the afternoon, evening and overnight hours to make sure the campus is as safe and accessible as possible. However, there may be a need to close one or more surface parking lots on Tuesday, January 7, if they are icy and not safe for use by the campus community.
If a surface lot is closed it will be barricaded for your safety. In this case, please find another open lot or park in the Red Hawk Deck, which will be available free of charge on Tuesday for any campus community member.
We will notify you of further developments as conditions warrant.