Keeping it in the Family: The Montclair State Legacy

Alumni make Montclair State a family tradition

Is Montclair State part of your family tradition? Did your mother or father graduate from Montclair State? Your grandmother or grandfather? If so, we want to hear from you! Generations of families have passed on the Montclair State tradition to their children and grandchildren, and we want to celebrate this special relationship. Tell us your story. Your multi-generational family connections are one of our core strengths, and we are delighted that you are part of a great tradition.

Wendy Keller-Parker ’11 is part of a Montclair State legacy family. “My dad, Rudolph Keller, graduated from Montclair State in 1961 after putting himself through college while supporting my mom, brother and sister,” says Keller-Parker. “Just before graduation, they found out that my mom was expecting me.  My daughter Amanda Parker and I both graduated from Montclair State in May of 2011.”

Sue Mandzik Davis ’88 is part of a legacy family, and is an alumni campus employee. Her siblings, Karen Mandzik Cantine ’78, Joann Mandzik Lambiase ’79 and Mike Mandzik ’80 are all part of an extended family of proud alumni. She also has two cousins who attended Montclair State, Joyce Mandzik Oset ’82 and Judy Mandzik Von Kleeck. In addition to siblings and cousins, Sue’s aunt, Ruth Mandzik and nephew, James Cantine, also attended!  To top it off, her niece, Lisa Cantine Sherry ’13, is the most recent alumna of Montclair State in the family.

Inspiring family members to attend Montclair State and keep the legacy alive is a great way to show your pride and stay connected to your alma mater. Keeping Montclair State in the family is something to be proud of! 

If your family is full of proud alumni, share your story. We’d love to hear from you. For more information or for questions, contact Stacy Albanese at or 973-655-5465.