University Facilities Launches Archibus

On Tuesday, January 21, 2014, the Division of University Facilities will launch Archibus as our new work order management system.

As the #1 provider of real estate, infrastructure and facilities management solutions in the world, Archibus provides organizations with a comprehensive, integrated solution to make informed strategic and tactical decisions.   The Archibus Building Operations module will enable the University to streamline the management of its facilities management service by enabling the efficient scheduling, dispatch, management and reporting of maintenance tasks, applying this software’s self-service capabilities to reduce operational costs and to increase customer satisfaction.

Over the last year, the University Facilities (UF) Archibus transition team has worked to document the work order business process, identify opportunities for efficiencies and improvements, and establish roles and responsibilities within the new system.

Archibus and the means of this deployment will create a different approach to the way UF currently does business.  While the business process or work flow will fundamentally remain the same, the significant change is that all work activities will be managed electronically, within this application.  The transition from paper to electronics will improve the communications between the customer and UF and within UF.  

Customers may continue to submit service requests online and via telephone at 973-655-5444.  When a customer service request is received, the scheduling of work activities by the appropriate UF supervisor will be accomplished within the system.  This will create a permanent record of the request.  As a service request advances to become a work order, the status of this will be noted in the system and work status will be available to the requesting customer.  

UF staff will enter critical information such as the date the work is to begin, if the work needs to be re-scheduled due to procurement of parts or accessibility/availability of the room in which the service is to be provided, or due to other issues.  If the status changes, the change will be documented in real time within the system.  Again, this updated status information will be viewable by the requesting customer.

UF managers will regularly query, monitor and audit the status of work requests within Archibus, to provide for a higher level of accountability to our customers.  

The goal of this initiative is to more promptly provide our facilities services to all of Campus Community members in an effective and efficient manner and to provide, to the greatest possible extent, transparency regarding when requested services will be accomplished.  Campus community members who wish to request services may contact the Facilities Service Desk at 973-655-5444 or use the new Archibus system at

Thank you.

Gregory W. Bressler
Vice President University Facilities