Fermentation and Food Quality in Italy

Co-sponsored by the Global Education Center and the Health and Nutrition Sciences Department

Fermentation and Food Quality in Italy

Dr. Giovanna Felis
Department of BioTechnology
University of Verona

Tuesday February 18, 2014 at 1:00 P.M.
University Hall, Addie's Lounge

Fermented foods are an important part of Italian culinary history and culture. Food fermentation is a biotechnological process, known for centuries, which allows conservation and determines transformation of different raw materials. Dr. Felis will discuss the many fermented foods and beverages that are traditionally produced and available in Italy and Europe, which rely on the properties of different microrganisms.

Dr. Felis received her PhD in Agro-industrial Biotechnology. She teaches Functional Foods and Food Safety at the University of Verona and is currently a visiting scholar in the Food Management program.

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