ABP Retirement Seminar

In order to provide specialized knowledge for retirement planning, the Division of Human Resources has arranged with Mass Mutual to present a seminar entitled Navigating Your Way through the New Jersey Alternate Benefits Program (ABP) Pension plan on Wednesday, February 26 from 12:00 noon to 1:00 pm in the Student Center, Room 417.

This informative 45 minute presentation, provided by professionals from Mass Mutual, will provide you with an understanding of:

Navigating Your Way through the ABP Pension Plan
  1. The tax savings options available through the pension system
  2. The three major challenges you face in reaching your retirement goals
  3. How your life insurance and disability insurance works
  4. How property passes at death (by will, by contract or trust, by law)
  5. The steps you need to take to be more prepared for the future