Mr. C’s Advice Column

Dear Mr.C.,
I am really frustrated with my roommate. We are supposed to take turns cleaning the bathroom and I always clean when it is my turn but she NEVER cleans when it is her turn. I don't want to start an argument over it but I really want the bathroom to be cleaned. What can I do?

- Frustrated Roommate

Dear Frustrated Roommate,
Have you asked your roommate why she has not cleaned the bathroom on her assigned weeks? Perhaps she has forgotten about the schedule. The first step to resolving roommate issues is to communicate with your roommate on why you are upset. Let her know that you are frustrated since you clean but it does not seem that she does. If she replies that she has cleaned the bathroom when it is her turn, then maybe you can have a conversation on what "clean" looks like to both of you. You may have differing opinions on what a "clean" bathroom is. Be very clear on what you would like the bathroom to look like and try to compromise as much as possible. If you continue to have issues, you can come to the MRC to have a mediation meeting. If that is something you would like to do, email us at

Good luck,
Mr. C