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Liberty Mutual FuelIQ App

Liberty Mutual is proud to partner with the Montclair State University Foundation to provide you with relevant auto and home safety tips for the way you live today.

Our mobile app helps you determine how fuel efficient your driving habits are.

Liberty Mutual Insurance is committed to providing quality auto and home coverage that provides peace of mind. We understand that nowadays mobile technology plays a more important role in the lives of our customers, so we strive to keep you empowered and informed via innovative apps.

Our latest app, FuelIQTM, scores the fuel efficiency of your trips and provides you with tips to help improve it. Whenever you are about to go on a drive, the app can be set to automatically or manually record your trip and then provide you with a fuel efficiency score when you are finished. FuelIQ scores range from 0 to 100 — the more fuel-efficient your driving is, the higher your score will be!

The features of Liberty Mutual FuelIQ include:

  • Measure the fuel efficiency of your driving style by using the GPS device within your phone
  • Keep a history of your best score, average score, and last five individual trips so you can compare your scores over time
  • Provide tips based on where you can improve the fuel efficiency of your driving style
  • View your trips on a map within the application
  • Easily contact Liberty Mutual with any questions you may have
Bear in mind, you do not need an auto insurance policy with Liberty Mutual to use FuelIQ. If you are a Liberty Mutual customer, your score will not impact your insurance rate, and Liberty Mutual won’t collect your location information.

Download the FuelIQ App here, and to learn more about Liberty Mutual Auto and Home Insurance or get a free, no-obligation quote, call 1-888-239-4854 or visit us online.

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