CADA's Academic Support Services - Highlights

The Center for Academic Development and Assessment provided quality tutoring and academic support services and programs to Montclair’s students during the academic year (2012-2013).  CADA communicated tutoring schedules and offerings to academic and administrative departments and program directors.

Tutoring visits by students - 2, 562 (2012-2013)

o   79% of freshmen successfully passed courses tutored in fall 2012 and 91% in spring 2013;

o   78% of non-freshmen successfully passed courses tutored in fall 2012 and 74%  in spring 2013;

o   93% (fall 2012) and 94% (spring 2013) of students tutored were highly satisfied and satisfied with the tutoring program.

Supplemental Instruction visits by students – 908 (2012-2013)

o   88% of students who attended SI sessions successfully passed the courses in fall 2012 and 92% in spring 2013.

CADA provided structured and intentional academic support and outreach efforts to non-freshman students on probation through the Academic Success Blackboard Communities and telephone communication:

o   100% of probation students were contacted and provided with study skills and tutoring information;

o   100% of probation students were contacted via phone and informed about the Academic Development Symposiums.

The revision and expansion of the Academic Development Symposiums resulted in more presentations and additional requests from different university constituencies. The delivery of presentations was in and out of the classroom settings with the focus on students’ learning outcomes. There were new topics offered with a new presentation approach in spring 2013.

CADA held the Tutor-Training Orientation in the fall semester. 100% of tutors attended the tutor training and Academic Development Symposiums. 86% of tutors received the CRLA Certification.