Countdown to the Middle States Visit, March 4-7, (Updated 2/15)

Getting Acquainted with the Middle States Team Members

The Middle States visiting team consists of nine carefully selected individuals with strong backgrounds and expertise in all the fields representing Middle States Standards and the various expected outcomes aligned with the Standards. A tenth member is a representative of the New Jersey Commission on Higher Education who will observe the process and join sessions on a selected basis. Following you will find a chart consisting of the team member names, their institutional affiliations, and their areas of expertise.

YOU may be one of the selected people from Montclair State who will be spending some time with one or more of the team members, so take a look at the table below and get acquainted with everyone via these mini-biographies!

Mary Ann Swain
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, State University of New York at Binghampton
All areas of Middle States Standards and Outcomes with a focus on the Board of Trustees, administration, and graduate education
Scott R. Anderson
Information Technologies Librarian, Millersvill University of Pennsylvania
Faculty, the library, students, technology and institutional resources, professional staff
Betty Crockett
Associate Vice President for Administration and Finance, Salisbury University, Maryland
Finances, advancement, senior administrators, assessment, planning and institutional resources
Kerry S. Grant
Professor of Music, SUNY at Buffalo
Faculty, graduate education, University Senate, academic affairs
James H. Haynes
Director of Title III Programs, Morgan State University, Baltimore, MD
Undergraduate education, general education, students, student life and services enrollment management,
Bruce E. Keith
Professor of Sociology and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, US Military Academy, West Point
Faculty, assessment, institutional research, deans and associate deans
Linda D. Koch
Vice President for Student Affairs, Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania
Undergraduate education, students, student life, general education and learning resources, professional staff
Linda Lamwers
Vice president for Academic Affairs/Provost, West Chester University of Pennsylvania
Grants, graduate students and education, leadership and governance
Dorothy M. Mattison
Associate Professor, Department of Business, Management and Accounting, U. of Maryland Eastern Shore, Princess Anne, MD
Human resources, faculty, assessment, University Senate, leadership, governance, associate/assistant deans
Glenn Lang
Executive Director, Educational Opportunity Fund, New Jersey Commission on Higher Education, Trenton
Serves as a representative of the NJCHE and will participate in a variey of sesssions