The 2014 Distinguished Leadership Awards

The Distinguished Leadership Awards are open to any current Montclair State University (MSU) student. The purpose is to highlight and acknowledge those students who make meaningful contributions and have a strong impact at the university.

Students who receive awards will:

  • Gain recognition on the Center for Leadership Development and Campus Connections website
  • Receive a plaque and certificate
  • Have an opportunity to serve as a keynote or breakout presenter at the Leadership Institute or Cross Training
  • An ad will highlight all those receiving awards in The Montclairion
  • Enhance their resume


  • Must be in good academic and judicial standing
  • Demonstrates leadership through promoting community building, leading peer students, and creating opportunities for engagement or involvement
  • Contributes to the excellence of the university
  • Has made a meaningful impact to others and the university

Dates and Deadlines

All nominations must be received by March 28th, 2014

Students will be notified by April 18th, 2014

Those who are selected to receive an award will be recognized at the leadership award ceremony May 5th, 2014 at the University Hall Conference Center

Nomination Forms

All nominations can be made through the link below:

Selection Process

All current student nominees are evaluated based on the extent to which they have made meaningful contributions and the level of impact on their peer students. When nominating a student, be sure to include a thorough description of his or her contributions to the university, including all achievements as a student leader to date. The more information provided about the nominee the better they can be evaluated by the committee. This information is key in considering them for the selected award. The section committee will be made up of three representatives from the university and will evaluate all nominations for the selected award category.

Up to three students will be selected as recipients for each category.

Award Category Descriptions

Outstanding Leadership
Through their leadership skills and initiative, these students have made a significant impact on the MSU community throughout the past academic year. Nominees have influenced the development and mentoring of future leaders of the university. They must demonstrate examples of outstanding service to others and within the community. Award recipients are selected based on breadth and depth of involvement and leadership in co-curricular activities, leadership in an employment role on campus, service in the community, involvement in professional, academic, and leadership development experiences, and the overall impact on campus life and learning for students. Students are recognized for momentous achievement at MSU.

Sustainability Leadership Award
This award is for the student who has demonstrated both academic excellence and a commitment to being a sustainability leader at the university. Students may show leadership in terms of environmental, cultural, social, financial, and personal sustainability practices and principles.

Diversity and Equality Award
Nominees have demonstrated academic achievement, outstanding service to the MSU community, and service to racially and/or culturally diverse communities. Award recipients have made significant accomplishments in and efforts toward promoting the principles of academic excellence and cultural pluralism and diversity on campus.

Outstanding Community Service
Nominees have maintained academic excellence while committing their time, energy, and resources to making a difference by volunteering in the community. Demonstrating a passion to serve others is an important quality this nominee should possess.

Outstanding Mentor
This award recognizes student leaders based on their commitment and devotion to mentoring and caring for fellow students. This student serves as a role model and displays true leadership to peer students. Nominees take time to assist and lead their peers while maintaining academic excellence.

Emerging Leader
Awarded to student leaders who have shown tremendous growth over the past academic year. Awardees are rising stars in the MSU community. Nominees should be respected by their peers and should demonstrate leadership potential at the university.