Emeriti Update 3-19-14

Hi, hope all is well. 

On March 11th, 20 Emeriti saw the Met's Dress Rehearsal of Bellini's La Sonnambula through the kindness of Chaim and Hildegarde Zemach. Thanks very much. Great singing and after the final curtain, the lead soprano did two cartwheels for the audience. Wow!    

Your support enabled the Emeriti Assoc. to contribute $500.00 to the MSU Foundation Scholarship Fund which totaled an astounding $500.000!

We sadly announce the passing of Robert Ramsdall, Sydney Kronish and Louis Zimmer.

Your ideas and activities are welcome. The Emeriti Association depends on you, please consider being an officer. There are only 3 meetings a year.

Thanks, hope we can get together. 

Peter Macaluso