Op/Ed By President Cole: Jersey's Higher Education System Must Have A Plan

The Star Ledger - Perspective/Op-Ed

Tuesday, February 20, 2007
By Susan A. Cole

This year was a banner year for higher education investments across the nation, including an overall national increase in state appropriations of 7 percent. Those hikes ranged from a high of 18.7 percent in Alabama to a low of 1.9 percent in Indiana. Many of New Jersey's direct competitor states provided double-digit appropriation increases to higher education -- Virginia , 16.4 percent; North Carolina, 13.9 percent; Maryland, 13.2 percent; New York, 10.8 percent.

Left out of the good year were only three states, North Dakota, Montana and, dead last in the nation, New Jersey, with a decrease of 2.7 percent. How could this be in the nation's most prosperous state?

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