Montclair Book Essay Contest Celebration April 23

Join us on Wednesday, April 23 at 1:30pm in the Center for Writing Excellence (located in Sprague Library) for a celebration honoring the students who participated in the Montclair Book Essay Contest 2013.  The Montclair Book Essay Contest asked undergraduate students to respond to a prompt that raised questions connected to Luis Alberto Urrea's The Devil's Highway.

Light refreshments will be served. All are welcome.

Our winners for this year (listed in alphabetical order):
Dante Dallavalle for his essay, "Invisible People"
Julie Anne Dunic
for her essay, "The Devil Inside Me"
Gustavo Angel Vasquez Mendez
for his essay, "My Borders".

A certificate of honorable mention will be given to the two essays that qualified for the final round, written by:

Krista Cerminaro, "A Border of My Own"
Liezl Zanoria, "Crossing the Border of Life".

Letters of recognition will be given to the other students who submitted their essays to the contest.

Sponsored by the Center for Writing Excellence.