Montclair Times: CoisCeim Dance Theatre at the Kasser Theater for Mother's Day

"Swimming with My Mother" features mother and son performers, Madge and David Bolger

Photo by Jym Daly.

Madge and David Bolger in Swimming with My Mother.

When choreographer David Bolger asked his mother, Madge, now in her 80s, to perform in a new piece in 2010, she thought he'd gone a bit nuts.

[David] had wanted to create a work that reflected his choice to become a dancer, after being dubbed "Ireland's youngest swimming hope" at 2 years old by a local newspaper…At first he thought Madge would not do much, but after research on the passion for swimming that runs in the family, he realized his mother should be the lead.

The work features music of Nat King Cole, voiceovers of conversations between the two, and mixtures of ballroom, ballet and modern dance. A short film written and directed by Bolger and directed by Conor Horgon, "Deep End Dance," will be shown with the performance.

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