Montclair Times: Singer discovers poetry of Millay in "Still Will Be Heard" Kasser Theater

According to Liz Queler, one of the creators of Still Will Be Heard, "When our world started falling apart…[I] discovered the poet Edna St. Vincent Millay…and wrote music…It was wonderful.  It came right out, in an afternoon.  I was blown away by the experience.  The words made sense to me."

She began writing another.  And another.  Then her husband, Seth Farber, joined in.  Before long, they had 21 songs...

 "Edna…was like taking a swim in a beautiful pond at the end of every day.  Writing, singing, recording was very cathartic and exciting.  When you're in the process of it, there's nothing else.  The rest of the world gets washed away." 

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