Fall 2014 Billing and Health Insurance Information

Important: Fall 2014 Invoices will be posted week of July 28.

NOTE: The fall 2014 invoices will be posted on WESS the week of July 28.  Information viewed before July 28 will be incomplete.

To prevent financial and academic liability, it is the student’s responsibility to check their official Montclair State University e-mail and WESS account on a regular basis for registration, billing and financial aid information.

Computer terminals are provided in the Office Student Accounts located in College Hall, room 218.  Outstanding balances or any type of account holds (Health Center, MSU Connect, parking, library, athletic, etc) can prohibit students from receiving transcripts and diplomas, selection of housing, and registering for future semesters.   All payment options are explained on our web site at http://www.montclair.edu/student-accounts/payment-information/

Health Insurance

Health insurance is provided for all full-time undergraduate and graduate students as defined by the University.  However, if you already have health insurance coverage either through your parents, spouse or self-employment, you can opt to waive the Health Insurance Fee.  You may complete the Health Insurance Waiver form online only beginning August 1st. 

Important:  Students who fail to complete an online waiver by the designated deadline are automatically enrolled in the school-sponsored plan and will be responsible for the annual premium.

Student Should Check WESS Account Regularly

After the initial billing, it is the responsibility of the students to check their accounts regularly. Student account summaries are available online at wfs.montclair.edu (WESS).  All unpaid balances will be assessed a late fee.

For more information consult the Schedule of Courses Booklet online, the Office of Student Accounts website or use the link Payment Options under Account Summary on your WESS account.  You can also stop into the Office of Student Accounts located in College Hall, Room 218 between the hours of 8:00 – 5:15, during the months of June – August 14th or call 973-655-4105/4177.

Thank you,

The Office of Student Accounts