Construction Update 8/1/14

On Friday, August 1st University Facilities, in conjunction with Public Service Electric & Gas Company (PSEG), will be performing work on the natural gas pipeline that previously supplied the University's now  de-commissioned Central Boiler/Cogeneration  Plant.  This line is an underground pipe that runs between the PSEG Regulator Station, which is located just north of Parking Lot 30,  and the former Central Boiler/Cogeneration  Plant.  As part of this work, it will be necessary to perform a controlled venting of the natural gas line at the PSEG Regulator Station .  The controlled venting of gas may cause a rotten egg odor to become detectible, as the gas dissipates.   Should you smell this odor, please know this is a controlled release and not an emergency or gas leak condition.

Also on Monday, August 4th University Facilities, in conjunction with PSEG, will begin the repair and expansion of Parking Lots 19 and 20.  This project will restore these two parking lots that have been the staging area for PSEG work crews that have recently replaced the High Tension Electrical Towers through the northern portion of our campus.  These repairs will cause intermittent closures of various portions of these two parking lots for the next few weeks.

I apologize for any inconveniences caused by these two projects.

Thank you.

Gregory W. Bressler
Vice President University Facilities