Montclair State University Launches Montclair Film Institute

Innovative initiative to offer public, professional and student programs, workshops, special events and collaborations

Release Date: August 14, 2014

Montclair State University today announced the creation of the Montclair Film Institute, a new initiative that will be directed to ensuring the preservation, growth and enrichment of the art of film through research, education, professional development and community programming.

Based within the College of the Arts at Montclair State, the Montclair Film Institute will leverage the unique combination of the University’s rich resources in filmmaking and film scholarship along with the impressive array of film industry assets and opportunities that abound in New York City, New Jersey and Los Angeles.

“The Montclair Film Institute will distinguish itself from other academic film programs by reaching out well beyond the University campus,” said Daniel Gurskis, dean of the College of the Arts. “Besides our students, we will engage filmmakers, industry professionals, film and culture critics, scholars and today’s leading and emerging media corporations.”

According to Gurskis, the Montclair Film Institute will at the same time originate activities that meet the educational and cultural needs of Montclair State’s local communities by providing exclusive programming designed for adults, middle- and high-school students and others.

With a roll-out beginning in the 2014-2015 academic year, the Montclair Film Institute will produce and deliver a robust schedule of public events and collaborative programs, including a film forum series; weekend and summer workshops in film production; a “film-in-the-schools” program bringing faculty and industry professionals into area high schools; special film screenings on campus and in the community; and a wide range of seminars, podcasts and live streaming webcasts.  

Gurskis added that the Montclair Film Institute will also serve as a resource for industry professionals by fostering networking opportunities in New York City, New Jersey and Los Angeles; hosting conferences on the Montclair State campus; and partnering with technology firms to offer workshops in the latest hardware and software products.

For Montclair State students, the Montclair Film Institute will offer an internship program with support from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences; a professional mentorship and career-networking program; and international collaborations with University film programs in Asia, Australia and Europe.

For information about the Montclair Film Institute, contact Daniel Gurskis, dean of the College of the Arts at Montclair State University, at 973-655-5104 or