Montclair State University

We Hope You Are Planning to Return in the Fall.

In order to return as a student, you need to register for courses and submit payment within the payment deadlines*. 

What happens if you register and do not make payment by the deadline? 

The answer is called “DEREGISTRATION.”

“Deregistration” is the process of removing you from all your selected courses and making your seat(s) available to other students.  Once you are deregistered you need to start the process from the beginning and there is no guarantee that the classes you want may still be available.  Try not to let this happen.

Helpful Hints:

1)                Don’t wait until the last minute to register and pay your bill.

2)                Check your account on WESS to determine that everything is current and that you do not have any holds.

3)                Make certain that your federal financial aid form (FAFSA) has been filed and received by the Student Financial Aid Office.

4)                If the Student Financial Aid office needs additional information or documentation; get it to them as soon as possible.  This is where many students cause themselves to miss deadlines.

5)                If you are planning not to return, make certain that you formally withdraw from the University (Center for Academic Advising & Adult Learning in Morehead Hall) and pay all outstanding bills.  This will allow you the opportunity to return in the future or to have transcripts sent to other schools or employers.

*Payment deadline for students who register between April 9, and July 19, 2007 is August 20, 2007.