All-Star Tailgates Going To The Big Sell Competition!

Montclair State students going to prestigious pitch competition.

The Pregamer!

A group of three like-minded Montclair State seniors, who share the same entrepreneurial vision, have created innovative and compact outdoor gaming products for on-the-go social events. They recently launched their first product The Pregamer, a cooler with a built-in portable and extendable 8ft long beer pong table. And they will be presenting their new product at The Big Sell Pitch Competition, hosted at The Purdue University’s 9th annual elevator pitch competition, April 18, 2015.

Their Entrepreneurial Journey

Their adventure began as they completed the Certificate of Entrepreneurship, which consists of 3-credit courses: "Entrepreneurial Mindset and Innovation" (ENTR 201), "Creating Your Startup Business Model" (ENTR 301), and "Pitch and Launch Your Startup" (ENTR 302). Each week they pitched their idea to their professors and peers in preparation for the $10,000 TeleBrands Inventors Day for Aspiring Entrepreneurs, to be hosted at Montclair State on May 6. Their professors, and The Feliciano Center of Entrepreneurship, inspired them to launch their startup and take their idea beyond the classroom.

Who Are The All-Star Tailgates?

The All-Star Tailgates are:

  • Jessica Weinberg: Founder and CEO. She is a senior, majoring in Women’s Gender Studies, with a concentration in Entrepreneurship.
  • Ryan Afflitto:  Founder and COO. He is a senior, majoring in Marketing, with a concentration in Entrepreneurship.
  • Jacqueline Busichio: Founder and CMO. She is a senior, majoring in General Humanities with a concentration in Entrepreneurship.  

Can You Help Them?

The All-Star Tailgates are seeking support for travel and prototype expenses.  If you are able to provide support, please go to: